America Galvanized on 9-11

America Galvanized on 9-11

Author’s Note: The following was published in the University of Utah’s student newspaper, The Daily Utah Chroicle on September 17, 2001 under the headline, “America Galvanized,” in response to the newspaper’s invitation to submit reflections on the events of that tragic day.  I thought it would be appropriate to post it here on the eleventh anniversary of those events.  As of this day, when it was last accessed, it is still available on line at


 Like so many others, I was angered and saddened by last Tuesday’s attack on my fellow citizens.

It frightens me that there are people on the planet who are more than willing to kill me simply because I am an American.

I hesitate to say that anything good can come from this awful tragedy, but if anything can, it is this: As horrible as this incident is, it has the potential to galvanize America and her citizens more than any incident since Pearl Harbor. I hope it does.

Although it sounds old fashioned, I believe more than ever that—despite her faults—America is great because she is good. Let’s remember that, although caution and vigilance are called for to prevent something like this from happening again, this is not a time for hate. Hate is what precipitated this event in the first place.

Evil may triumph in a few of its battles with good, but good will always win in the end.

—Ken K. Gourdin


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