We Must Raise Taxes

Why There is No Alternative to Raising Taxes

By Ken K. Gourdin

 Government is deficient, not because it misuses any resources currently available to it, but rather because it simply lacks adequate resources to carry out the functions it must perform

Government is running at peak efficiency and maximum capacity. Everything it does, it does as well as possible; and it is doing the very most it can with its current resources.  However, the government is not meeting the needs of everyone it is required to serve, so additional resources are required which will enable it to close the gap between current needs and current resources.

It is operating completely within its constitutionally-set bounds.  It is not doing anything which is constitutionally impermissible.  Since it lacks the full resources necessary to operate within its constitutionally-set bounds and to do those things which are constitutionally permissible, additional resources are required.

No one receives any government resources to which he or she is not entitled, and no person or entity who receives such resources wastes them to any degree.  Since government cannot fulfill its proper role with the current resources available to it, since no one who receives government resources is not entitled, and since no one who receives government resources wastes them, additional resources are required.

There is no redundancy in government.  Each function of government is served by one (and only one) program or agency.  If, however, any government function is served by more than one program or agency, there is adequate coordination between these agencies and programs to ensure that no overlap or unneeded duplication occurs.  Since, although there is adequate coordination, no redundancy, no overlap, and no duplication, government is unable to fully to fulfill its proper role, additional resources are required.

Every government purchase or other acquisition is made in the most frugal manner possible.  All such acquisitions are absolutely necessary, and the least costly option that will best serve the purpose needed is always the one selected.  However, since government is unable fully to fulfill its proper role despite this frugality, additional resources are required.

Every government employee is absolutely necessary, is working at maximum efficiency, and is not needlessly duplicating the effort of any other government employee.  However, even given this absolute necessity, maximum efficiency, and non-duplication, government is unable fully to fulfill its proper role.  Thus, additional resources are required.

Everyone responsible for the government budgeting process acts in the best interest of the people as a whole rather than in the interest of any narrower subset thereof.  No extraneous, non-essential, political considerations intrude on the budget process.  Every tem in the government’s budget is absolutely necessary.  No political patronage occurs in order to benefit local persons or entities at the expense of any wider government need. Thus, additional resources are required.

Everyone responsible for the oversight of every government program is vigilant to the highest degree possible, and overseers’ recommendations to correct any (very temporary!) deficiencies and to curb any (very temporary!) excesses are implemented without delay or hindrance.  Due to this maximally-vigilant oversight, no fraud, waste, or abuse occurs in any government program.  However, despite this oversight, government lacks the resources to carry out the functions it is required to perform, so additional resources are required.

There are roles which the government should perform that it has heretofore abdicated, and additional resources are necessary to perform those abdicated functions.  These abdicated functions are of the highest priority, and failure to perform them is resulting in the most egregious deleterious consequences to large numbers of people.  Thus, additional resources are required.

Despite all of these things (and perhaps because of the last-listed item above), government is able neither to perform all of its mandated functions nor to fulfill all of its assigned roles.  Thus, there is absolutely no alternative but to raise taxes.

If you have read all of these assertions and have accepted them, uncritically and without question, congratulations are in order: if you are not entirely alone, you are in extremely select company.  Not even Mensa is as selective.  If you have read all of these assertions and have found yourself disagreeing frequently, you have the idea.  Only if one or more of the foregoing assertions is true does an adequate rationale exist for raising taxes, as President Barack Obama suggests is his only alternative.

Update, 30 May 2014:  Need More Proof? – Evidence of the Government’s dire need of more tax dollars can be found in all of the links included in the post linked below at Sic et non, BYU Professor Dan Peterson’s blog at Patheos.com.  No doubt, taxpayers will wish to alleviate this need to such an extent that they will include generous payments with their tax returns next April.



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