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Once a cop, always a cop

Once a cop, always a cop—even if you’re not, anymore: Why your history of previous employment in law enforcement tends to follow you wherever you go, especially if you break the law By Ken K. Gourdin There is a headline … Continue reading

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On God’s Injustice

On the Dangers of Being Obedient Because We Expect a Quid Pro Quo from God, and of Concluding That God Gave Many of the Seemingly-Most-Obedient a Raw Deal While Seemingly Blessing The Wicked So Abundantly  By Ken K. Gourdin  Author’s … Continue reading

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In Honor of Presidents Day

Gettysburg:  Commentary on a Long-Ago Delivered Short Speech Which its Deliverer Predicted Would Be “Little Note[d] nor Long Remember[ed]” By Ken K. Gourdin In keeping with my previously-stated tradition of doing something consistent with February American holidays so that those days … Continue reading

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Must-See TV?

“But Ken, Following The Rules Won’t Make for Good Television!”: How The Poor “Process Server” on The Television Series All Worked Up Needlessly Makes Life Too Hard on Himself By Ken K. Gourdin All Worked Up apparently is one of … Continue reading

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On the Death of Lt. Fred House

Addam Swapp, Remorse, Rehabilitation, and the Death of Utah Department of Corrections Lieutenant Fred House By Ken K. Gourdin The following was posted by a commenter to a story regarding Addam Swapp, a figure in one of the most notorious … Continue reading

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LDS Polygamy and Gay Marriage

Why Is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints So Dead-Set Against Gay Marriage? By Ken K. Gourdin A Chicken-Little, The-Sky-is-Falling, Slippery-Slope Guess as to How Those Favoring Gay Civil Marriage Eventually Will (Attempt To) Change the Church’s Doctrine … Continue reading

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How to Ruin a Political Career

How a Few Drops of Water Instantly Extinguished a Once-Brilliant Political Star By Ken K. Gourdin It’s over. He had a good run, captivated at least the most fervent among Republican believers, worried their Democrat counterparts.  Here was someone who … Continue reading

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