Ethan Stacy

In Memoriam: Ethan Stacy

By Ken K. Gourdin

Author’s Note: I posted the following at in response to a story regarding the opening of trial for Nathan Sloop, stepfather to four-year-old Ethan Stacy, who, along with his wife, stands charged with (among other things) capital murder in Ethan’s death.  I’m not usually this vehement in my condemnation of those who stand accused of crimes (even serious ones), and I understand the wisdom underlying the axiom of “Innocent until proven guilty.”  However, the facts in this case, having come principally from the defendants themselves, as well as from physical evidence which (while care must be taken to interpret it properly) doesn’t lie, are not in dispute.  At absolute best (and I mean absolute best, which means it’s a considerable reach) the defendants in this case are guilty of negligent homicide.  However, the malice and depraved indifference displayed in this case toward this little boy are nothing short of shocking.  No one deserves to die like this little boy did.  No one.  Some people should not be allowed to reproduce, and his mother is one of them.


The Sloops will get the fair trials they deserve by juries of their peers (although to claim that any jurors are “peers” of the Sloops is an insult to jurors and to juries); during the course of those fair trials, they will get the vigorous defenses they deserve; after which they will then get the convictions and needles in their arms which they ALSO deserve.

And to all the mothers out there who are thinking of establishing blended families: proceed with caution. I don’t give a damn how much you love him, or how much you think he loves you. Your children come first, and what they think of him counts far more than what YOU think of him ever will. Too many men in the world would give you all of the “love” you think you need … if only they didn’t have to put up with your damn kids, too.

As cruel as these next two assertions sound, they’re the cruel truth: (1) If passing up a potential relationship means you never remarry, so be it, and (2) If that means you die lonely, so be it. Your dying lonely will be a small price to pay in comparison to the one Ethan paid. If you wouldn’t be willing to kill one of the Nathan Sloops of the world to protect your children, you deserve neither another husband nor children.

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