Tales of RUI

Tales of Riding Under the Influence (RUI)

By Ken K. Gourdin

The on line edition of The Salt Lake Tribune of September 10, 2013 contains the story of a man who was arrested for, among other things, riding his horse while intoxicated.  He was attempting to get from his house in Boulder, Colo. to his brother’s wedding in Bryce, Utah, a distance of 600 miles.  (Apparently his driver’s license had been revoked for previous DUIs.  Since revocation has hardly been known as an effective deterrent to others who have found themselves in a similar situation but have continued to drive, revocation notwithstanding, another commenter on the story gave this man kudos for at least attempting to be law abiding, despite the restriction that had been placed upon him!) The story can be found here, last accessed September 10, 2013:


The story prompted me to comment as follows:

As we were driving in my community one day, my dad, a retired police officer, looked over and said, “They tore Chief Wahoo’s house down.” I asked, “Whose?” He said, “Chief Wahoo’s.” Then he told me the back story. Chief Wahoo was an old Indian (Native American, to the PC Police) who used to ride his horse to the bar; that way, he didn’t have to worry about getting home because his horse knew the way. Except one day when my father and his colleagues had to rescue Chief Wahoo from a snowbank after his horse had gotten disoriented in a blinding snowstorm the night before …

Ahhh, good times. (My dad always used to say he’d have quit his job, but he needed it for the entertainment value …) [And I ask, is it any wonder?]

But then, Chief Wahoo had nothing on our intrepid would-be wedding guest.  The distance between his house and the bar was much shorter than 600 miles!

Update – September 22, 2013: Here’s the latest on our intrepid RUI friend (that is, the wedding guest who attempted to travel the 600-mile distance between Boulder, Colo. and Bryce, Utah on horseback, not Chief Wahoo), published on-line by The Salt Lake Tribune and last accessed today:

http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/entertainment2/56902217-223/schumacher-horse-utah-brother.html.csp.  By relying on the kindness of strangers (presumably) who rendered him some assistance along the way, he was able to make it to witness his brother’s wedding!  I don’t know which to laud more: the true love of this man’s brother for his beloved, or the love of his brother, who went to such great lengths to ensure that he was there for the happy event!  Kudos all around!  I just love happy endings!  [Sniff, sniff!  Tears roll!]

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