Carney to Fox’s Henry on Ukraine

Fox News’s Ed Henry Asks White House Press Secretary Jay Carney if He Wears Pink Underwear

By Ken K. Gourdin 

Well, OK.  Actually, he didn’t.  But, given Carney’s reaction, he might as well have done so.  You might recall President Barack Obama’s dismissive, scornful reaction in the 2012 Presidential Debates when his opponent, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, labeled Russia the United States’ chief geopolitical foe.  “Governor Romney,” the president said, “The 1980s called.  They want their foreign policy back.”  The president later said, “The Cold War has been over for 20 years.”  Hmmm.  Given Henry’s patently ridiculous question, I hope I can be forgiven for wondering whether someone forgot to tell Russian President Vladimir Putin that.

Given recent events in Ukraine Henry (foolishly!) thought it prudent to revisit the question regarding Russia’s geopolitical status, asking Carney if the President regretted that response.  “No,” Carney began incredulously, as though Carney had asked him the question posed in my headline.  (Of course, if a presidential candidate happens to be Mormon, then underwear questions aren’t out of bounds.)  Carney then reiterated what is happening in Ukraine, as though President Obama (his dismissiveness notwithstanding) foresaw current Russian aggression there coming from 1,000 miles away – even though President Obama turned to Russia, and to Putin, during Obama’s last foreign policy crisis: “Vlad, I’ve been flapping my gums about ‘red lines’ in Syria for months now, but I can’t (or don’t want to) actually do anything about Syria’s chemical weapons.  I’ll look weak and stupid if I have to keep talking about it without actually doing anything.  Would you mind bailing me out?”  (Talking is what the President does best; if only he, god-like,  could enact his policies by his word alone [see, e.g., Obamacare, among many, many other things]).

Here’s video of the exchange between Henry and Carney:

And here’s video of President Obama dismissing Romney’s labeling of Russia as the United States chief geopolitical foe.  Note that President Obama didn’t simply dispute Romney’s assessment of Russia, he said that every time Romney had offered an opinion on foreign policy during the campaign, he’d been wrong.  (Even accepting President Obama’s sweeping declaration as true – which I am exceedingly reluctant to do, for obvious reasons – apparently, only President Obama is allowed to learn foreign policy on the job.)


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