Jamaal Williams, Alleged Underage Drinking, and The BYU Honor Code

Kangaroo Court?  BYU Running Back Jamal Williams is Arrested, Charged, Tried, Convicted, Sentenced (and Executed?) in the Court of Public Opinion

By Ken K. Gourdin

Regarding BYU running back Jamaal Williams not guilty plea to a charge of underage alcohol consumption, those antipathetic to BYU (not to mention all other things Mormon) have had him arrested, charged, tried, convicted, sentenced (and executed?) in the court of public opinion.  (Although underage drinking is illegal anywhere, alcohol is one of the things the BYU Honor Code proscribes for all of its students, along with tobacco, illegal drugs [and legal drugs used contrary to their prescribed use], and premarital sex.)  “Innocent-until-proven-guilty” be damned!  Part of an exchange that took place regarding a blog post regarding the incident (such as it was), included one poster writing, in part: “[A]ny other student that committed a crime AND broke the honor code like that would have been kicked out of school.”

I replied:

He pleaded not guilty. That means he’s not guilty, unless and until the prosecution carries its burden of proving him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. (It’s “innocent until proven guilty,” no matter how many times he’s convicted [sans evidence] in the court of public opinion.) And I say that as one of the most pro-police, pro-prosecution people you will ever run across: I have caught plenty of flak for that in this corner of Cyberspace, both for comments I have made here and for Op-Eds I’ve had published in the Salt Lake Tribune. (And oh, by the way: in case you’re wondering, as an alum of the University of Utah, I’m not a partisan of, nor am I an apologist for, the “Y.”

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