Killing its customers while the government bailed it out

“Government Motors”: GM Was Busy Killing Its Customers While President Obama Was Busy Bailing It Out

By Ken K. Gourdin

I just commented as follows regarding this story from this morning’s Salt Lake Tribune regarding what some might erroneously and inexplicably believe to be one of the causes of GM’s financial woes.  See the story here, last accessed today:

Dear President Obama:

My company makes crappy products [“Which may kill customers,” I didn’t add]. I need a bailout. (And no, just in case you were wondering [I doubt it, but just in case], there is no connection between that premise and that conclusion, respectively.) I’ll be in touch later to let you know how much to cut the check for and where to send it.


In retrospect, perhaps Vice President Joe Biden would like to revise that campaign slogan he used ad nauseam in the run-up to the 2012 election: “Some of its customers are dead, but hey, at least GM’s alive!”

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