The Persecution of UNC-W’s Mike Adams

“Tolerance for Me, But Not For Thee”?  Romney, Obama, Mormons, (Other) Christians, and the “Persecution” of UNC-W Professor Mike Adams 

By Ken K. Gourdin

Today on his Blog, BYU (Provo) Professor Dan Peterson mentioned the case of University of North Carolina (Wilmington) criminology Professor Mike Adams, who apparently was denied tenure at another institution because of his conservative views.  Peterson writes:

I’ve been assured — and recently, too — that such things don’t happen.  That political conservatives and religious believers — a distinct minority in most student bodies and on most faculties — never face problems in academia from their ideological opponents.  That the entire scenario of a film such as God’s Not Dead is completely ridiculous.  It’s all just a figment of the persecution-obsessed imaginations of Christian believers and political conservatives.

In at least one case, however, it’s plain that a federal court disagrees:

I replied:

Alas, would that the good Professor (I’m referring to Professor Adams, here, Dan; not to you …) himself displayed the same tolerance for other viewpoints as he demands be displayed for his own. (I know I expect too much: human beings are such maddeningly inconsistent creatures, after all!)

One suspects that Professor Adams’s arguments in his own defense ran, at bottom, along such lines as this: “OK, you disagree with me; at least make an effort to imagine ONE universe in an infinite number of possible universes in which a reasonable person possibly could see the world as I see it.” It’s a pity he could not extend that same courtesy to Governor Romney. At least in part as a result of attitudes such as that, we now have 2 1/2 more years of … Well, never mind! But hey! At least President Obama’s a CHRISTIAN!


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