Death resulting from arson not murder

Noted Legal Scholar Eleanor Clift Assures Us That Arson, Even if it Kills Somebody, ISN’T Murder:  Nobody Was “Murdered” in Libya 

By Ken K. Gourdin

Criminal defense attorneys, take note!  Liberal columnist Eleanor Clift assures us that deceased U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens was not “murdered” (air quotes hers); he died of smoke inhalation.  See here, last accessed today:

Whoever heard of setting a fire in an effort to kill somebody?  Preposterous!

I responded:

Out-dang-standing! So, anyone who has ever committed arson in which anybody died cannot/should not be charged with murder. Good to know. (Where did you go to law school again? I’m not doubting you’ve been; I simply wish to know where you picked up that … Ahem! … novel legal doctrine …)


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