Abortion “Rights” and Wrongs

Abortion “Rights” – and Wrongs: Thoughts on Birth Control, on Abortion, and on Glamorizing Abortion (and Minimizing Its Adverse Consequences) by Filming It and Posting It on the ‘Net 

By Ken K. Gourdin

I have fond memories of sitting through Jack “Doc” Heppler’s Biology 101 and 102 classes, respectively, at St. George, Utah’s, Dixie College (now Dixie State University) in the early 1990s.  He was engaged, engaging, and passionate about his subject matter – not to mention being one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met.  When he was hired, the department head looked at his resume and exclaimed, “You could teach any course in our science curriculum!” Since modesty wasn’t called for on that occasion, he replied, “I know.”  His lectures often were pithy.  One day, he spiced one of them up with this gem: “There’s a name for people who practice the ‘rhythm’ method of ‘birth control’: they’re called ‘parents.’”

Emily Letts could’ve used that lecture: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/advice/health/why-i-filmed-my-abortion.

But nah!  Then Letts couldn’t have become famous for filming her abortion, putting the film on the Internet, and telling anyone who will listen what a wonderful experience it was!  (Abortion is kind of a touchy subject with me, I’ll admit: I barely made it into the third trimester.)  Is abortion sometimes necessary?  Yes, if the mother’s life is endangered.  Should it be used as a method of birth control by people who are not responsible enough to use other methods?  Should it be glamorized, or its adverse impacts minimized?  Absolutely not.  Call me old-fashioned (or even a prude) if you want, but if you’re not married, don’t have sex; if you choose to have sex and are not married, at least use birth control; if you don’t use birth control and wind up pregnant, at least do the unselfish thing: there are plenty of people in the world who will want your baby (but who can’t have one of their own).

Update, October 22, 2014:  An interesting reflection on the larger implications of Ms. Letts’ “selfie-love” can be found here (last accessed today):


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