The Man Who Would Be King

The Man Who Would Be King 

Says Obama, Not Only Congressional Recalcitrance Be Damned, but Also Supreme Court Unanimity Be Damned, As Well – If Only He Didn’t Have to Deal With That “Inconvenient” Separation of Powers and Those Other Two “Rebellious” Branches of Government 

By Ken K. Gourdin

Since any action President Obama might wish to take is self-evidently correct and there’s no possible reason for any valid disagreement, he has vowed to deal with an allegedly recalcitrant, allegedly intransigent Congress with respect to the immigration issue by acting on his own (this link last accessed today):

I smell another 9-0 Supreme Court decision on the way, much like, for example, this one (last accessed today):

Congressional recalcitrance and intransigence are puzzling enough, but to see the same qualities exhibited by the Court truly is baffling.  After all, President Obama was a constitutional law professor!  (Well, actually, he was an untenured lecturer, but why quibble over semantics?)  Attempting to win support for what an executive wants to do by dealing with the other branches of government is such messy, difficult business.  As I have pointed out elsewhere on the Blog, it is something Obama either cannot or will not do (this link last accessed today):


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