Tooele, Utah, USA’s World-Famous Mentally Ill Man

This Just In, from the “Any Publicity is Good Publicity” Department

By Ken K. Gourdin

In 2006, after I wrote a grant proposal that resulted in a $12,500 grant for a non-profit psychosocial rehabilitation program in which I participate called New Reflection House in Tooele, Utah (a Clubhouse Model program), our exceedingly politically-correct small semiweekly, The Tooele Transcript-Bulletin published a story on the grant under the headline, “Mentally ill man wins grant for facility.”

The photo with the article bearing the infamous headline can be seen here:

That poor headline writer should have visited our program.  I hope, if he had, he would have written a vastly different headline.  In member-driven, Clubhouse Model programs, the focus is on members’ strengths, talents, and abilities, rather than on any illnesses, disabilities, or liabilities they may have.  However, not only did our hapless headline writer opt for that unfortunate choice of words (I guess if one is desperate enough to find a headline that will fit a front-page, above-the-fold story on deadline, that headline will do as well as any other! ;-D), and not only did representatives from the International Center for Clubhouse Development visit NRH, and not only did the ICCD reps take a picture of me holding the article with the atrocious headline, they posted it on the ICCD’s Web site!  (There’s no such thing as bad publicity!) ;-D

True, someone would have to be exceedingly curious, dedicated, and techno-savvy to find out what that headline actually is.  I doubt that many people, if anyone, went to the time and effort necessary to capture that photo and blow it up big enough actually to see that atrocious headline, but one never knows.  (Not to worry: as I say, any publicity is good publicity!)

For more on New Reflection House, visit our Facebook page:

For more on the Clubhouse Model, see Valley Behavioral Health’s Web site.  (Valley Behavioral Health is a tri-county provider of behavioral health services serving Salt Lake, Tooele, and Summit Counties in Utah):

For still more on the worldwide Clubhouse Model, see the Web site of the International Center for Clubhouse Development’s Web site (on which appeared the photo with the atrocious headline; hence, my moniker of “Tooele, Utah, U.S.A.’s World-Famous Mentally Ill Man”!):

I’ve also written about New Reflection House elsewhere on the Blog:


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