The Real Meaning of Christmas

In Our Rush to Get, and to Give, More “Stuff” this Holiday Season, a Useful Reminder of What it Really Should Be About

By Ken K. Gourdin

In this age and season of cankering consumerism and all-consuming acquisitiveness, in which more never seems to be enough to fill whatever holes in the soul we are attempting to fill by getting (and giving) ever more “stuff,” one can never have too many reminders of what this season is really all about.

The Deseret News’ Lois M. Collins tells the story of how she received one such reminder as the saga of her quest to acquire what she felt would be the perfect gift for one of her loved ones played out. Indeed, she went so far as to venture out on Black Friday (though not in the wee hours) to do so.

She tells the story of getting the proverbial Royal Retail Runaround (my phrase), at various points being invited to stand in a seemingly-interminable line; being told (but only once she had persevered long enough to reach the front of that interminable line) that only a minimum sizeable purchase would qualify her to receive the special deal she sought; and that only those dedicated enough to persevere through the wee hours in yet another line, in which coupons qualifying courageous consumers for the deal were dispensed, would receive it.

Collins, whose column can be found here (last accessed December 2, 2014 ), writes:

I was hoping to buy the gift to give to someone I love very much, as a gesture of . . . affection. That’s a warm-fuzzy decision that reflects what really is nice about what has become a hyper-consumer season. Getting mad because I can’t give that particular gift pretty much suffocates the warmth.

. . . The season’s not supposed to be about getting my way or cutting in front of others to get the last of an item or picking a fight with a clerk because an item’s sold. It’s not about screaming because someone took a parking spot. It’s not about getting mad at all.

Losing sight of that would demolish Christmas.

How right she is.


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