UHP Troopers Do Good Turn

Lesson #1 in Whom Not to Hit When Driving? Or, Accident Leads Troopers to Do Good Turn

By Ken K. Gourdin

When Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Jeff Jones’s patrol vehicle was hit by an 87-year-old Nevada woman who was rushing to visit her sick son in the hospital, what did the Trooper do? Did he initiate license revocation proceedings against someeone who surely shouldn’t have been driving in the first place (although I’m unsure whether, or, if so, how,  such proceedings might occur when a motorist has crossed state lines, I do know that there are interstate compacts which regulate similar matters among participating states)? Did he give her a citation? Did he impound the car? No. He organized a relay of Troopers through much of the state to ensure that the woman was safely transported to the hospital so that she could visit her ailing son.

Kudos to Trooper Jones and to his UHP superiors and colleagues who perhaps authorized, who perhaps otherwise facilitated, and who participated in, the relay (link last accessed December 8, 2014): http://www.sltrib.com/news/1923945-155/utah-troopers-relay-87-year-old-woman-across. It’s too bad that deaths such as those of Michael Brown in Missouri and Eric Garner in New York at the hands of police get all the press ink and media spotlight when actions such as those of these Troopers by law enforcement are far more numerous, yet are far less noticed.  (Incidentally, I wonder, are any of these Troopers Boy Scouts?  If so, they did their good turn today.)


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