This Time People Didn’t Mind Being Pulled Over

Minor Traffic Violators Get Unexpected Surprise Gifts from Police; Girl Uses Birthday as Chance to Give Rather Than to Receive

By Ken K. Gourdin

A recent story out of Michigan puts a new spin on “shop-with-a-cop” and “cop-as-Santa” stories.

UP TV seeks to facilitate and publicize good deeds – in contrast to so much of the rest of the media, of which it can be said that “if it bleeds, it leads,” and which seeks to publicize travail and tragedy in contrast to publicizing their opposites.

As part of the mission described in the lead paragraph, above, however, the network enlisted the help of police in Lowell, Mich. to do a good turn during this Holiday season An officer on the town’s police force pulled over motorists for minor traffic violations but, rather than issuing citations, Officer Scot VanSolkema asked drivers what they or their loved ones wanted for Christmas.

While motorists initially were reluctant to confide in Officer VanSolkema with their Christmas wishes, once he overcame their hesitance, earned their trust, and persuaded them to confide in him, the rest of the force sprang into action to fulfill the wishes revealed. UP TV was on hand to film the results of that fulfillment.

Here’s to UP TV, to Lowell Police, and to Officer VanSolkema for brightening the Christmas season of unsuspecting motorists. For a story on the good deeds of VanSolkema, his colleagues, and UP TV, see The Christian Post here (last accessed December 15, 2014): The Christian Post report contains a link to a YouTube video of motorists’ holiday surprises.

* * *

A story of still more holiday selflessness comes out of Vestavia, Ala., this one from eight-year-old Bryce Skipper. While most soon-to-be eight-year-old girls are busy constructing lists of what they wish to receive for their birthday, Bryce, by contrast, used hers as an opportunity to give to others.

Bryce asked her classmates to join her in helping to collect toys which the Vestavia Fire Department then would give to Jessie’s Place, which provides shelter and other assistance to families as they get back on their feet. This is not to say, however, that Bryce did not get anything out of the deal: for her selflessness, and for helping to marshal her classmates’ giving spirit, Bryce got to sit in the front of a fire truck.

For more on the story, see here (last accessed December 14, 2014):


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