Merry Politically Correct Holiday Celebration

Merry Politically-Correct Holiday Celebration?

By Ken K. Gourdin

I thought this, from the Deseret News of December 23, 2014 (last accessed December 24), was interesting. I’m inclined to agree with it:

I must ask, at what point did we as a country, as a society, and as a collection of cultures become so sensitive that we felt ourselves entitled to demand that religiously-observant people with whom we might disagree quell any outward manifestation of their religious devotion? For more of my thoughts along these lines, see here (last accessed December 24, 2014; see also the items linked in this post):

Am I entirely consistent? What about newer, less “mainstream” so-called religious traditions? (Satanism, perhaps?) Would I welcome their public displays of religious devotion this time of year? I admit, Iwould have to hold my nose while doing so. I hope I can be forgiven for suspecting that efforts by such groups are less about seeking genuine religious pluralism, interfaith dialogue, and inclusion than they are about simply poking Christians in the eye.

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