Sgt. Friday Grills Pres. Obama

Sergeant Friday Grills President Obama

By Ken K. Gourdin

Sergeant Joe Friday, of Dragnet fame, takes on President Obama (with a little help from Officer Bill Gannon), and not only does Sergeant Friday fillet President Obama, he grills him! And if you’ve ever watched Sergeant Friday grill anybody, you know he’s been grilled! That’s right: when Sergeant Friday grills somebody, he doesn’t leave him rare: no, no; he always gets him well done! Well done, Sergeant Friday! Well done!

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Just as others must breathe to live, I must write. I have been writing creatively almost ever since I learned to write, period! I have written fiction, book- and article-length nonfiction, award-winning poetry, news, sports, features, and op-eds. I hope, one day, to write some motivational nonfiction, a decent-selling novel, a stage play, and a screen play.
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