Bernie Sanders for President?

A Brief Thought on the Potential Presidential Candidacy of Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders

By Ken K. Gourdin

The Washington Post’s Dana Millbank, as syndicated in The Salt Lake Tribune, comments on the potential presidential candidacy of Socialist U.S. Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders (link last accessed today):  Here’s my comment in response:

The reason why so many people see economics as a zero-sum game (and thus, are so upset about the “top-whatever-percent”) is that, for government, they ARE a zero-sum game: government doesn’t create wealth, and there are practical limits to how many resources it can get to redistribute from those it governs. Having said that, it’s a free country: If Mr. Sanders runs, and if he can attract significant enough support to get on the ballot as a third party candidate, more power to him. (There aren’t enough hardcore leftists even in the Democrat Party for him to get the party’s nomination.) The problem is that he won’t take Republican votes away from the Republican nominee; rather, he will take Democrat votes away from the Democrat nominee.


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