Frog Legs?

Frog Legs?  What About The Rest?

By Ken K. Gourdin

I’m watching the show Mississippi Men on the History Channel, about folks who make their living from the Mississippi River, including a pair who hunt frogs (“jigging”).  It got me thinking whether other parts besides the legs are edible.  Typing a query into Google led me to Chowhound, where “Rachel” also posted the question.

I’m not sure why I’m in such a weird mood, but I responded to Rachel’s query thus (I even joined Chowhound especially for the purpose):

Not to worry. You probably didn’t pay them much mind, but in areas of the country where frogs are plentiful, there are also homes for retired frogs in which those which have lost their legs are walking (er, hopping) around on wooden prostheses or wheeling themselves around in wheelchairs.

They’re well taken care of.

Update, February 5, 2015: I knew Gary Larson, of The Far Side fame, wouldn’t let me down (image/site last accessed this date):


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