Missing Persons

Will Someone Miss Me When I’m Gone?

By Ken K. Gourdin

This story in The Salt Lake Tribune, about the discovery of as-yet-unidentified skeletal human remains, caught my eye: http://www.sltrib.com/news/2150235-155/more-bones-surface-after-human-skull (last accessed February 6, 2015). I commented:

I’m reasonably sure somebody will still be around to miss me when I’m gone, despite the fact that I have never married and have no progeny. At least, I hope that’s the case. Working “cold” cases is hard; I suspect that, often, it’s sad.

But I do think that it’s pretty cool that even if somebody who dies seems to have no friends or family, and/or nobody to miss them when they’re gone, chances are, there’s a team of cold case detectives somewhere, each of whom will make the following commitment amongst themselves and to the community they serve:

“Even if it seems as though everyone else has forgotten you; even if it seems nobody else alive cares, we won’t forget you; we care; though, in some respects, it might be too late, we’ll give you a voice to speak from beyond the grave even if it seemed as though nobody cared what you had to say while you were still here; and we’ll find out what happened to you and ensure that anyone who had a hand in your demise faces justice appropriately.”

I realize that not everyone on the lists below disappeared or died without leaving someone behind who cares about them (except, perhaps, for one or more missing persons detectives), but some of them did. And, sadly, some of them have been missing for long enough that those they left behind have passed on, as well. Even if you merely think you’ve seen someone on this list, it’s better to contact authorities even if you’re mistaken, than simply to say, “Oh, I’m sure it wasn’t him or her,” when it actually was:


See also here: http://www.utahsright.com/h_missing_persons.php. (Both sites also last accessed February 6, 2015).


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