Jazz Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends About Coverage of the Utah Jazz

By Ken K. Gourdin

In response to a feature story by The Salt Lake Tribune’s Gordon Monson about the Utah Jazz’s laid-back and easygoing, yet surprisingly talented, Australian, Joe Ingles, I commented, “So … if Mr. Ingles were featured on an episode of Spike TV’s Pros vs. Joes [a show in which ordinary people (regular ‘Joes’) compete against former professional athletes] which side would he be on? Would he compete against himself? (Just wondering …)” Monson’s piece can be found here (last accessed today): http://www.sltrib.com/sports/2398908-155/monson-utah-jazzs-regular-joe-ingles?fullpage=1.

I commented in response to a Salt Lake Tribune story (as originally reported by ESPN, or, as I often call it, SPIN) in which former Utah Jazz (and current Brooklyn Nets) guard Deron Williams’s competitiveness was questioned by his former Nets teammate Paul Pierce. Pierce said that he considered Williams to be MVP material before Pierce arrived in Brooklyn, but said he realized Williams “didn’t want that” after Pierce’s arrival. The story can be found here, last accessed today:


Here’s my comment:

This is rather different; interesting to hear. Not for one second have I ever questioned Mr. Williams’ competitive fire. Frankly, I’d have to hear it from more than one source (and probably more than just a few) in order to be persuaded to believe it. Rather, Mr. Williams’ problem (at least while he was here) is that he wanted to be player/coach/GM/VP of basketball operations. I wonder how much input Mr. Williams had into operations (read, “personnel”) decisions after he left here, and whether (and if so, to what extent) unwise deference to him in that regard played a role in the fact that Brooklyn has underachieved relative to expectations.

I responded to a comment on a photo accompanying a Salt Lake Tribune story about the Jazz’s improved performance on the road since the All Star Break, which the Dallas Mavericks’ CJ McCollum is shown attempting to defend the Jazz’s Rodney Hood. Another commenter asked if readers thought McCollum was called for a foul on the play. The photo can be seen here, last accessed today: http://www.sltrib.com/sports/2397661-155/utah-jazz-have-become-competitive-road. My response was, “Well, McCollum only grabbed Hood’s off arm and shoulder, and he probabably didn’t knock Hood down on the play, so …”

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