Bored, Entitled Teens With Nothing Better to Do than to Try to Get Their (Alleged) Boyfriends to Kill Themselves

A Word About Michele Carter

By Ken K. Gourdin

Michele Carter is a 17-year-old girl whom prosecutors charged with manslaughter after her alleged boyfriend committed suicide following her repeated messages urging her to do so.  The Associated Press’s story on the alleged crime is found here (last accessed today):  I commented as follows:

I don’t know what this girl did or didn’t do; that’s up to prosecutors to prove to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt (or not). That said, what is that look on her face? Is that boredom? Is that, “I’m a good-looking, entitled, rich, white girl, yet I can’t believe all of the hoops I’m gonna have to jump through before I can finally go home”? Something else? Some combination? Whatever it is, it certainly seems as far from, “something happened that I didn’t intend in any way but couldn’t prevent, and I’ve lost ‘the love of my life’ as a result” as one can get.

I’ll hasten to add that I’m probably not very good at reading people sometimes, and my response to stories that provoke comments on mugshots (which I recognize that this is not, but a similar principle might apply), is, “Duh! Nobody EVER looks good/at his-her best in a mugshot! In a way, that’s kind of the point!” And, “alleged text messages”? While there might be a dispute about meaning and about what consequences (if any) she should face, is there some sort of a dispute about whether she actually sent them? Is she opting for the last resort of so many of the famous after their public relations people (who are incredulous at having to actually say it) tell them, “Ummm, [fill-in-the-blank-with-famous-figure’s-name-here], you realize these messages aren’t gonna make you look good … right?” and claiming her Twitter account [yeah, OK, this is SMS, but still] was hijacked?

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