Dating Web Site is Utah’s Shame

Idiotic Dating Site Brings Shame on My Home State

By Ken K. Gourdin

Much to my shame, one of my fellow Utahns has started the Web site (You’ll note that I did not turn the preceeding address into an active link: that’s deliberate). See Salt Lake Tribune coverage of this abomination here, last accessed January 5, 2015:

I responded:

Oh, Phhhhhhh! If someone wants to miss out on meeting some great people by confining his or her dating pool to those only within his or her own race, too bad! I’ve dated Filipina, Latina, Black, White, Brown … Not to mention girls of every size and shape. There’s only one reason I might trade my experiences for those of someone else, and that’s that I haven’t yet met Ms. Right. I’m sure the people who use this … Ahem! … service … will get exactly what they deserve!

In response, someone compared me to some fool Lothario who allegedly is an expert in—to borrow a movie title—What Women Want, asking, “Roosh V, is that you?” I replied:

I have no idea why you would confuse us: “Mister V’s” motto seems to be “Bed ’em, bang ’em, and bolt,” and he seems only interested in “Ms. Right … for tonight.” If he thinks he’s God’s gift to women, more power to him, but I’ve never suffered under that delusion.

Later, I couldn’t resist borrowing (and slightly altering) the slogan used by the nation’s pork producers: “Utahns: the other white meat.”

Now comes word that, according to its founder (who really ought to know), the site isn’t about race, after all. See here, last accessed January 5, 2015: I responded: “Right. The site’s not motivated by race at all. That’s why you waited to make any mention of race … all the way until the site’s Web address. Go ahead, Mr. Russell: Tell us how many black or minority friends you have.”


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