A Former Employer Faces FTC Sanctions

A Former Employer of Mine Faces FTC Sanctions for Making 84 Million Calls to People on the Do Not Call Registry

By Ken K. Gourdin

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) polices calls made in violation of the federal Do Not Call Registry. One of my former employers now faces sanctions at the hands of the FTC for allegedly making 84 million calls to people on the registry. I should hasten to add that I have no idea if the allegations have merit, but I did comment as follows in response to coverage in The Salt Lake Tribune (see the story here, last accessed June 27, 2016: http://www.sltrib.com/news/3907389-155/us-regulators-allege-utah-companies-made).

I worked briefly for one of Mr. Baker’s companies back in the mid-’90s. I support the cause of clean, wholesome, profanity-free, nudity-free, graphic-violence-free entertainment wholeheartedly. That said, I do wonder to what extent Mr. Baker’s companies promote worthy causes he says he stands for, on the one hand, versus the extent to which they promote him as a person, on the other hand.

While I quickly realized during my short tenure with the company that (1) there are people who are born to sell, and (2) I’m not one of them, and while some may dismiss my concerns as nothing more than mere “sour grapes,” doing things the right way is at least as important as doing the right things.

I wonder to what extent, wittingly or not, Mr. Baker and/or other people in his employ said, “Hey, we stand for worthy causes, therefore, anything goes. If anyone attacks or criticizes us, we’ll simply employ a little ad hominem and well poisoning, and ask ‘How could you possibly dare to criticize us, given the worthy causes for which we stand? You must not care about firefighters, or about police officers, or about the tide of filth masquerading as entertainment that is invading our homes.'”

No, the ends never justify the means, regardless of the nobility of those ends.

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