Repossession Agent Charged With Manslaughter

Repossession Agent Charged with Manslaughter After Allegedly Causing Crash that Killed Woman

By Ken K. Gourdin

A repossession agent who pursued a woman at high speeds through city streets after she drove away in the vehicle the agent was trying to repossess, and who then forced her off the road and into a fatal collision has been charged with manslaughter. See coverage in The Salt Lake Tribune here (last accessed July 12, 2016):

I commented:

I doubt the pursuit policies even of most law enforcement agencies wouldn’t have been violated under circumstances such as the ones under which this pursuit occurred. Does this mean that we’re giving repossession agents more power or latitude than we give even to law enforcement? (I realize the law gives, e.g., bail enforcement agents more latitude than it does to law enforcement to, e.g., pursue fugitives across state lines, but that is a separate issue, since nothing I’ve seen indicates this woman was a violent felon, as many bail jumpers are.) If we are giving repossession agents more power than we give law enforcement, why are we doing that? And the law only allows use of deadly force in response to a threat of death or of imminent, serious bodily injury against one’s person and not to prevent, or to respond to, the theft or unlawful possession of mere property. Yes, based on the currently-known facts, what the woman did was wrong, but that certainly doesn’t justify an “anything-goes” posture when it comes to responding to that wrongdoing.


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