On Faculty Politics

Did the University of Utah Mistreat Terry Tempest Williams, a Former Member of Its Faculty?

By Ken K. Gourdin

A recent Salt Lake Tribune op-ed argues that the University of Utah “chased away a unique scholar,” Terry Tempest Williams – academic, author, naturalist, and wear of several other hats. See the op-ed here, last accessed July 26, 2016:


In a perhaps off-topic aside, I commented:

I have no specific comment regarding Ms. Williams’s treatment at the hands of the University. If those in the know say she is being mistreated, I’m not inclined to argue. That said, while most all of us know what side we would take in a narrative/debate framed as The Lone Professor’s Voice Crying in the Wilderness in Favor of Such Unalloyed Virtues as Academic Freedom Against the Big, Bad, Mean, Corporate University (an argument that, for all of its merits, suffers as an appeal to emotion/pity, by the way: My university education taught me how to think! ;-D), if one is searching for the proper place to lay much of the blame for many of the problems in higher education today, one need look no further than at members of the faculty themselves. Look in the mirror, gentlemen.

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