A Word About For-Profit Education

A Word on Rocky Vista University, and on the Enterprise of For-Profit Education

By Ken K. Gourdin

Salt Lake City’s Deseret News recently reported on the plan of Rocky Vista University, a chain of for-profit osteopathic medical schools, to open a branch campus in Ivins, Utah, near St. George. See the story here, last accessed July 29, 2016:


If I were going to get a medical degree, this might be the path I would need to take (though, frankly, as much as I love learning, I could only see pursuing such an option if I suddenly were to become independently wealthy, in which case I would not, of course, need the degree).  I am someone who, frankly, despairs of ever getting the education I already have to pay off for me, so I constantly have to remind myself that as bad as things seem, they definitely could be worse. See, e.g., here, last accessed August 2, 2016:


I commented as follows:

Generally, I’m somewhat ambivalent about for-profit education. While it is not in medicine, I do have an advanced degree (a Juris Doctor from the “U”). Due to circumstances that, largely, are beyond my control (though admittedly, not entirely so) I am not likely to be licensed to practice anywhere anytime soon. Yes, I know: I should have chosen to get an advanced degree in something more useful, such as medicine. Law, by contrast, has become a very expensive hobby. Meanwhile, while my current employer has treated me well, I have come full-circle, and am back doing the sort of job I went to law school to try to escape: answering phones.

Another school that accepted me is a for-profit, Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego. As much as my current circumstances might leave to be desired, I shudder to think where I would be if I’d incurred 3-4 times the debt I have. All of that said, here’s hoping that RVU is successful in its stated goal of easing the primary care shortage in underserved areas, such as Utah.

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