Words Mean Things

Should We Take People Who Threaten Violence Against Law Enforcement At Their Word?

By Ken K. Gourdin

See Salt Lake Tribune coverage of the illegal occupation of federal land by LeVoy Fincicum and his like-minded fellows here (last accessed August 9, 2016): http://www.sltrib.com/news/3649325-155/oregon-police-who-shot-lavoy-finicum. In response to criticism of the federal law enforcement agents, who shot Fincicum dead after he responded with violence (I believe he proclaimed that he would not be taken alive) when agents confronted him over the illegal occupation, I wrote:

I see: someone says, “I’m armed, and I intend to resist when confronted by the police.” Then, when that person does exactly as he said he would do when he is confronted by the police, police are not supposed to respond accordingly; rather, they are, since we should always assume that our fellow human beings have the best of intentions (regardless what they, themselves, might say to the contrary), simply supposed to assume that he wished to have them in for tea, crumpets, and scintillating conversation.


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