Obama Gender Student Facilities Rule

Texas Federal Judge Enjoins Enforcement of Obama Gender Student Facilities Rule

By Ken K. Gourdin

A federal judge in Texas has enjoined enforcement of President Barack Obama’s order mandating that schoolchildren be allowed to use bathrooms and other facilities that are consistent with their gender identity (read, “Today, I feel like a [boy/girl/other]. Tomorrow, I may feel differently, and I should be allowed to use the bathroom I ‘feel’ like using”) rather than with their biological sex.

For coverage of the judge’s order in Salt Lake City’s Deseret News, see here (last accessed August 23, 2016:


Personally, I cannot imagine how it is that someone who has gender issues – someone who is a boy biologically but “feels like” a girl, or who is a girl biologically but “feels like” a boy – would feel comfortable using facilities that do not correspond to his or her biology. I can’t fathom why someone who is in that position wouldn’t find a single-occupant-at-a-time restroom to be a more acceptable solution.

And I say what I do in the foregoing paragraph as someone who, as a person with a disability and depending on the layout of the building I’m in at the time, has, from time to time, availed himself of the opportunity to use single-occupant, accessible restrooms and has been grateful for that opportunity.

Yes, gender is a complex issue, and yes, people should be treated with respect and dignity regardless of sex, gender, or orientation, but I can’t help feeling that, too often, the way that many propose that we treat those who deal with gender ambiguity and other, similar issues is less about protecting them than it is about using such treatment as a weapon to “stick it” to society at large.

Troy Williams, an official for the gay rights group Equality Utah, is quoted in Salt Lake City’s Deseret News as saying,

The bottom line is that all schoolchildren — straight, gay and transgender — deserve to use the bathroom without fear and harassment. . . . Ultimately, we know that circuit courts and possibly the Supreme Court will bring common sense and human decency back to the issue.”

Let’s be honest: Neither Mr. Williams nor his group cares a whit about the plight of straight, non-gender-conflicted children who might be uncomfortable using a restroom in the presence of someone whose biology doesn’t correspond with their own. If they’re uncomfortable, that’s just too bad: they’re simply going to have to suck it up and get used to it in the name of political correctness.

Let’s hope that no courts adopt Mr. Williams’s approaches to “common sense and human decency” any time soon.


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