CP v. BYU-P, BYU-I, & the LDS

Campus Pride vs. BYU-P & BYU-I: News Flash – In Case You Were Unaware, These Schools and Their Sponsoring Institution Favor Traditional Marriage and Enjoin Sex Outside of Such Marriage (In Other Words, in the Eyes of Some, They’re Bigoted)

By Ken K. Gourdin

Now comes word from The Salt Lake Tribune that Campus Pride, a gay activist group, has named Provo, Utah’s Brigham Young University and Rexburg, Idaho’s BYU-Idaho to its worst-of-the-worst list for the schools’ alleged treatment of those who identify as non-heterosexual (or at least, those who identify as not exclusively so). For coverage of the group’s calling out of the schools, see here (last accessed August 29, 2016):


The Tribune quotes, Shane Windmeyer, the group’s executive director, as saying that “If your values and religious belief system include bigotry or discrimination toward any group of people, put it on your admission brochure. Otherwise, Campus Pride will do it for you.”

I’m relieved. Mr. Windmeyer has done an enormous service to such students who might otherwise have considered attending one of the schools sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (popularly known as Mormons). After all, the Church’s stance regarding homosexuality is such a closely guarded secret that may never have become known if Mr. Windmeyer and his group hadn’t finally brought that stance out into the open.

But for the courageous action of Mr. Windmeyer and his group, prospective students might’ve enrolled at one of the schools that the group now has blacklisted being blissfully unaware of the stance of the schools and of their sponsoring institution regarding extramarital sex and regarding a central tenet of the faith that only marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God.

That said, why is it that other institutions sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ, such as BYU-Hawaii and Salt Lake City’s LDS Business College (along with Southern Virginia University, which, while not directly sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ espouses the same values as those held by the other schools) have escaped Mr. Windmeyer’s and Campus Pride’s notice?

One hopes that this egregious oversight will be corrected forthwith, lest some poor, unsuspecting student, being blissfully unaware of the schools’ policies and of the stance of their sponsoring institution, ignorantly enroll at BYU-H, at LDSBC, or at SVU.


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