Is a Murderer God’s Gift to Women?

Life is, Apparently, in the Eyes of Some, Very Cheap: A Murderer’s Trivial Rationalization for Killing His Victim

By Ken K. Gourdin

The Salt Lake Tribune recently reported on the recent criminal charge of a Colorado man for his murder of a Utah woman more than 40 years ago. For coverage, see here, last accessed September 6, 2016:

I commented:

I admit, what I’ve heard about this case is limited, and perhaps judging solely off of what I have heard is not a good idea for want of context, but Mr. Egley said he killed Ms. Jones after she spurned his advances (i.e., turned him down for sex), although they did have a prior relationship. She “made me feel like $h!t,” according to Mr. Egley. If not getting enough attention (and/or not getting the right kind of attention) from women were cause enough to kill them, I’d have an awfully long hit list. However, unlike Mr. Egley, apparently, I’ve never suffered from the delusion that, somehow, I’m God’s gift to women, such that they should be made to pay so heavy a price for their disinterest: they’ve simply gone their way, while I’ve gone mine.

Sole possession of the remote control; the ability (subject to other constraints) to come, to go, and to do as I please; the ability to eat and to watch what I want, when I want without having to worry about what she will think of me for wanting to do it, to eat it, or to watch it, and so on … Are all of these things poor substitutes for someone reciprocating my interest? Perhaps, but I’m a pragmatist: I’ll take what I can get. And anyone who has not reciprocated my interest has had perfectly valid, good, sound reasons for not doing so. And personally, although I may have rued their disinterest at the time, I wouldn’t want anyone’s interest if it were not genuine, if it were driven by pity, by fear of how I might handle the rejection, by not wanting to hurt my feelings, and so on. One’s life is an awfully high price to ask her to pay simply to preserve one’s own sense of worth in the eyes of the opposite sex.


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