Exploitation by Underlings?

Are Salt Lake County Recorder Gary Ott’s Underlings Exploiting Him?

 By Ken K. Gourdin

Salt Lake Tribune political columnist Paul Rolly questioned some goings-on in the Salt Lake County Recorder’s Office.  Questions have arisen regarding the health of Salt Lake County Recorder Gary Ott and how involved he is in the running of his office, given his $180,000 annual salary.  See Mr. Rolly’s column here (last accessed October 4, 2016): http://www.sltrib.com/home/3607280-155/rolly-was-salt-lake-county-recorders.

Mr. Rolly notes, “If Ott resigns because of health issues before January 2018, the county would have to hold a special election, with Republicans and Democrats filing for the job, because the departure would occur before half his six-year term is filled.”

Regarding Mr. Rolly’s coverage, I wrote:

Aside from the fact that the Recorder is elected, largely, politics does not (or at least should not) enter into how the duties of the office are carried out. I lean conservative, but I’ve never voted a straight-party ticket in my life. If, notwithstanding the office’s largely apolitical nature, Republican Party apparatchiks are concerned that the office might fall into Democratic hands, my advice to them is, “Get a damn good candidate, and run a damn good campaign.” Maintaining the current situation at all costs does no good for anyone concerned: not for Mr. Ott, not for Salt Lake County and its citizens, and not for the Republican Party.

For Tribune coverage of a meeting between Ott, his Chief Deputy, Julie Dole, his secretary and possible significant other, Karmen Sanone, and the Salt Lake County Council concerning a recently-completed audit of the Recorder’s Office, see here (last accessed October 4, 2016): http://www.sltrib.com/home/4431601-155/confused-county-recorder-gary-ott-barely.

According to the above linked report, Mr. Ott bordered on incoherent at the meeting, and relied heavily on Ms. Dole.  Ms. Dole and Mr. Ott’s secretary (and possible significant other) Karmen Sanone, apparently have been covering and standing in for Mr. Ott for quite some time.  In response to the Tribune’s coverage of that meeting, I responded, “Get off the Gravy Train, Ms. Dole and Ms. Sanone.”

In response to recent publicity about Mr. Ott’s health and his ability actively to participate in running his office, a friend of Mr. Ott’s, Jeremy Roberts, has asked the County Attorney to investigate the situation to determine whether anyone involved (at a minimum, this means you, Ms. Dole and Ms. Sanone) might be guilty of Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation of an Elderly or Vulnerable Adult.


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