Woman vs. Alligator for Mountain Dew

What Some People Will Do for Their Mountain Dew ™!

By Ken K. Gourdin

Though I don’t often drink Mountain Dew™, simply because my taste in libations runs in other directions, I don’t deny opting for the jolt provided by a Coke ™ or a Pepsi ™ to get me through the rest of a long day, other than super-caffeinated sodas and energy drinks, Mountain Dew ™, has the most caffeine of any caffeinated soda, and getting a pick-me-up is one thing: being totally wired is quite another. That said, if my employer’s vending area is out of Coke ™ or Pepsi ™, it’s not as though I don’t enjoy the occasional Mountain Dew ™. In fact, I like it. That said, I’m not sure I like it well enough to fight an alligator for it.


This woman’s condition, is, of course, no laughing matter.  Hope she’s OK.

About kenngo1969

Just as others must breathe to live, I must write. I have been writing creatively almost ever since I learned to write, period! I have written fiction, book- and article-length nonfiction, award-winning poetry, news, sports, features, and op-eds. I hope, one day, to write some motivational nonfiction, a decent-selling novel, a stage play, and a screen play.
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