Mobile Home Residents: Second-Class Citizens?

Did The Salt Lake Tribune Excoriate So-Called “Trailer Trash” (My Term)? A Word on a Recent Editorial

By Ken K. Gourdin

A recent commenter on an editorial which appeared in The Salt Lake Tribune took the paper’s editorial board to task for what one poster perceived as the paper’s disrespect of mobile home residents. For the editorial, see here (last accessed January 5, 2017): I commented as follows:

One can disagree with certain non-essential points made in the editorial without disagreeing with its overarching point. Might I suggest that, since the Tribune’s editorial board (it’s an unsigned editorial, meaning that it came from that body rather than from any single person) likely agrees with you on that overarching point, you adopt a “half-[or-more/most]-of-a-loaf-is-better-than-none” approach, rather than simply dismissing it in its entirety in favor of braying about alleged bigotry? And the editorial simply acknowledged that others have those opinions about mobile homes; it didn’t endorse those opinions.


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