Of Orphaned Puppies and Surrogate Mama Doggies

The Sad-Happy Story of One Mama Doggie’s Tragic Loss of 8 Puppies, Another Litter’s Tragic Loss of Their Mama Doggie, and the Happy Ending When the Mama Doggie Who Lost Her Puppies Became a Surrogate Mama Doggie to the Orphaned Puppies Who Lost Their Mama Doggie

(Got It?)

By Ken K. Gourdin

Tragically, Daisy, the mama doggie, lost her brood in a fire. As you might imagine, she was very sad at the sudden loss of her puppies. Meanwhile, Chloe, another mama doggie, died tragically while giving birth to her brood. As you might imagine, Chloe’s puppies were very sad at the sudden loss of their mama doggie. At the same time, in Chloe’s tragic absence, Chloe’s people had their hands full trying to follow a regular, 24-hour-a-day feeding schedule for eight eternally-hungry puppies.

What to do, what to do?

As it turns out, mama doggie Chloe’s puppies were the perfect solution to mama doggie Daisy’s problem, and mama doggie Daisy was the perfect solution to mama doggie Chloe’s eternally-hungry puppies’ problem.

And they all lived happily ever after. See the story in People magazine on line (link last accessed March 13, 2017).



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