Clippers Lead Jazz 2-1: Series Over?

National Basketball Association’s Los Angeles Clippers Lead the Utah Jazz 2-1 in Their Best-of-Seven First Round Playoff Series; Does the Clippers’ Victory on the Jazz Home Floor Mean That the Series is Already Over? One Utah Writer Apparently Thinks So

By Ken K. Gourdin

During the Jazz 1984 First Round Playoff Series against the Denver Nuggets, Denver sportswriter Woody Page made a similar prediction after the Nuggets took a similar lead over the Jazz in that series. I responded to coverage of the Clippers’ victory on the Jazz home floor by The Salt Lake Tribune’s Kurt Kragthorpe thus:

From the article: “The [Clippers’] quest [to advance in the NBA playoffs] has become even more difficult with [forward Blake] Griffin sidelined and Golden State presumably next for the Clippers, once they get past the Jazz.”

“[O]nce they get past the Jazz”? “May’s well shut ‘er down now, Clancy! She’s pumpin’ mud!” Mr. Kragthorpe, I’ll grant you, the fact that the Jazz immediately ceded home court advantage by losing their first game at home after working so hard to get the split in Los Angeles does make the prospect of the Clippers advancing more likely, but i hope you’ll forgive me if I don’t think the Clippers should be packing for a trip to Oakland quite yet. I’m not comparing the Clippers to the 1984 Denver Nuggets, but I’m sure the name Woody Paige rings a bell.

While I doubt the Jazz need any additional motivation, and while you’re certainly welcome to call it like you see it if you honestly think that the series is over already (I would be the last to suggest that you should open yourself up to accusations of being a “homer” simply to appease readers such as me), if the Jazz were looking for locker room material, I do think it’s ironic that they wouldn’t have to look outside of their own market.

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