UNCW’s Mike Adams: “My Classes are Not ‘Safe Spaces'”

UNC-W’s Mike Adams Rightly Warns the Snowflakes on Campus That His Classes Are Not “Safe Spaces,” But the Professor Has a Huge Blind Spot 

By Ken K. Gourdin

University of North Carolina at Wilmington’s (UNC-W’s) Professor of Criminology Mike Adams has warned the snowflakes on his campus that they probably shouldn’t expect his classes to be “safe spaces” where they will forever be spared even the slightest hint of a wisp of a threat of having their ideas and opinions challenged.

I will hasten to add that I agree with the good professor that such political correctness should not carry the day on, of all places, college campuses, which, rather than being so called “safe spaces,” instead, should be bastions for the free exchange of ideas (even of ideas with which those who are exposed to them might, however slight and unthinkable the prospect—Gasp!—actually disagree!)   The problem is that, in other areas, the good professor has a huge blind spot, and engages in the very “tolerance-for-me-but-not-for-thee” thinking that he would condemn roundly (and rightly so) among his students.

BYU’s Dan Peterson links approvingly to Professor Adams’s warning to his students that they should not expect his classes to be “safe spaces” (my phrase). See the following address, last accessed May 30, 2017:


In response, another poster pointed out Professor Adams’s blind spot, linking to his “non-apology-apology” for his stance during the run-up to the 2012 election that people should not vote for Governor Romney because of his religion, and I responded thus:

Yeah, that does make me rather cool to Professor Adams’s claims of being persecuted and of wanting to foster tolerance for differing viewpoints in his classes. As far as I’m concerned, we can blame any conservative who refused to vote for Governor Mitt Romney (such as Professor Adams) for BOTH President Obama’s eight years in office and at least four years of Mr. Trump.


I don’t want to attribute to Professor Adams views which he does not hold (he’s welcome to correct me if he ever happens to see my criticism of him), but I think his views regarding Islam and regarding Muslims likely mirror his views regarding Mormonism and regarding Mormons.  As such, I linked to something I posted on the Blog last month about evangelicals’ attitudes toward the former two:


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