Deserae Turner Shooting

Male Juveniles charged in Deserae Turner Shooting Certified to Stand Trial as Adults

By Ken K. Gourdin

Fourteen-year-old Deserae Turner was “bothering” (my word) two juvenile males, 16-year-olds Jayzen Decker and Colton Peterson, on Snapchat. (I love social media!) Their solution? Lure her to an isolated area, shoot her in the head, and leave her for dead. Though Miss Turner survived, she has been left with serious injuries from which she is unlikely to fully recover.

Both Decker and Peterson now have been certified to stand trial as adults for their respective roles in the crime. For part of the coverage which has appeared in The Salt Lake Tribune, see here (last accessed June 3, 2017):

I commented as follows:

I think this is the right decision. There was plenty of time for both of these defendants to renounce their criminal intent and to abandon their plan to harm this young lady, yet neither of them did so. That said, assuming they are convicted (certainly more evidence will come out at trial: I have my doubts, but if the defense is right that mitigation exists, I’ll be keenly interested in hearing it), I would not oppose a hybrid sentence for these defendants where they serve time in the juvenile system until they are 21, after which they are turned over to the adult system.


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