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Of Supreme Court Nominees & 11th-Hour Surprises, Revisited

More on Judge Kavanaugh: Second Accuser Comes Forward—Albeit, Again, With Few (If Any) Details By Ken K. Gourdin Now comes word that another accuser says District of Columbia Circuit Court Judge and United States Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh basically … Continue reading

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Of Supreme Court Nominees & 11th-Hour Surprises

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Nomination to the United States Supreme Court in Light of the Late (And I Do Mean Late) Allegation Against Him: If It Appears to Be An 11th-Hour Suprise . . . By Ken K. Gourdin If it … Continue reading

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Is Trump’s Election a Symptom of National Malaise, or Its Antidote?

Do Trump Supporters See His Election as a Symptom of the National Malaise, or As Its Antidote?  Will Democrats Be Successful Consistently in Winning Federal Elections as Long as They Think His Supporters See It as The First of Those … Continue reading

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Near Centenarian’s Daily Trek Inspires

Six-Mile Daily Round-Trip on Foot Doesn’t Faze Near-Centenarian By Ken K. Gourdin 99-year-old Luther Younger of Rochester, New York, (his surname is less ironic than it is apt; keep reading) is a new hero of mine. His wife, Waverlee, has … Continue reading

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