Is Trump’s Election a Symptom of National Malaise, or Its Antidote?

Do Trump Supporters See His Election as a Symptom of the National Malaise, or As Its Antidote?  Will Democrats Be Successful Consistently in Winning Federal Elections as Long as They Think His Supporters See It as The First of Those Two Things Rather Than the Second?

By Ken K. Gourdin

Apparently, Bob Woodward’s new book about the administration of U.S. President Donald J. Trump claims that Mr. Trump said that former Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Governor, and current U.S. Senate candidate to replace the retiring Senator Orrin G. Hatch (R – Utah) Mitt Romney (R) “jinxed” (Trump’s word, apparently) Romney’s own campaign by paying too much attention to the potential post-election transition and not enough attention to the campaign.  See the News’s coverage of Mr. Trump’s comment as reported by Mr. Woodward (no, Bob Woodward doesn’t write for the Deseret News, but he did write the book!) at the following address (last accessed September 13, 2018):

Naturally (and unsurprisingly), Governor (and would-be U.S. Senator) Romney disputes this assertion.  Romney and his opponent, Jenny Wilson, who is the daughter of former Salt Lake Mayor Ted Wilson (D) and currently is a member of the Salt Lake County Council, recently met with the editorial board of Salt Lake City’s Deseret News.  The News quotes Ms. Wilson: “If the [special counsel Robert] Mueller report comes out with a grounds toward impeachment, I think we are in such chaos as a nation, we cannot heal until [Trump is] gone.”

First of all, (while space limitations did not permit me to point this out in my comment regarding the News’s coverage of the Romney-Wilson race), at the rate Mr. Mueller and his team are going, Trump will have been able to serve at least one and perhaps (Quelle horreur! :blink: :shok::blink:) even two terms in office before the investigation is complete.  (Were it not for the taxpayer dollars involved, I would support Mr. Mueller’s desire to be thorough completely!  :rolleyes:)

After quoting Ms. Wilson as I do in my second paragraph, above, I commented:

I hold absolutely no brief for President Donald J. Trump, and I have serious reservations about his personal character, about certain of his personal characteristics, and his modi operandi. However, I completely understand why an electorate which is very frustrated with the status quo (a unique voter coalition, composed of Republicans, Reagan Democrats, voters who were frustrated with Mr. Obama, and so on) elevated him to office. Perhaps Mr. Trump will accomplish his agenda, perhaps not, but he’s the first president in living memory to have not almost completely discarded it almost immediately upon being elected to office.

Ms. Wilson has it exactly backward: Impeaching Mr. Trump will exacerbate the malaise rather than alleviating it. Time will tell, but rightly or wrongly, Trump voters (of whom I was not one) see his election, not as a symptom of the malaise, but as a potential antidote.



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