Reid suit against device maker

Harry Reid Sues Maker of Theraband Device Over Injuries He Sustained While Using It

By Ken K. Gourdin

Former Senator (and Senate Majority and Minority Leader, respectively) Harry Reid (D – NV) was injured further while using a Theraband device in an effort to rehabilitate himself from injury, and has sued the device’s purveyors for those injuries.  I hold absolutely no brief for Senator Reid.  While his comments were not the only (nor even the primary) reason why Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election for President of the United States, they certainly didn’t help.

It’s not as though I don’t think there were any substantive criticisms that, fairly, could have been leveled against Governor Romney.  I don’t think that’s true of any politician, whether I agree with him or not.  Anyone having such criticisms is welcome to bring them forward so they can be debated in the public square and in the marketplace of ideas.  Senator Reid’s “He-hasn’t-paid-any-taxes-in-ten-years” rumor and smear (make no mistake: that’s what it was, and that’s all it was), however, was a horse of a completely different color.

For coverage of Senator Reid’s suit in Salt Lake City’s Deseret News, see here (last accessed March 30, 2019:

I commented:

I don’t wish Senator Reid any ill will. (I may disagree with almost every word that comes out of his mouth, but I don’t wish him any ill will.) If the device failed to perform as intended or if its purveyor failed to provide adequate information about proper use, or if its purveyor failed to warn users of potential defects, the defendant(s) should be held accountable for those failures, and Senator Reid, like any other wronged Plaintiff, should be duly compensated. If, on the other hand, a reasonable person would not have used the device in the manner in which Senator Reid used it, the defendant(s) should prevail. Neither amity nor enmity toward Senator Reid should play any part in the proceedings. I assume this case is being heard by a jury, and I have faith that properly instructed, conscientious jurors can sort it out.


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