Bill Freaking Cosby

Bill Freaking Cosby: I Don’t Understand

By Ken K. Gourdin

Reader Advisory: Here be adult themes and adult language. Reader discretion is advised, and this post is not for those of tender eyes, tender ears, or tender years.

As though any crime is comprehensible, since crime, by definition, is incomprehensible to the law abiding, but . . . The one criminal history I do not get, that, absolutely, I cannot understand, that is absolutely baffling to me, is Bill Cosby’s.

You want to have an affair? Fine. Have an affair. It’s not as though, if you wanted to have an affair, no one would have an affair with you. You’re Bill Freaking Cosby.

Want to have more than one affair? Fine. Have more than one. It’s not as though, if you wanted to have an affair, woman wouldn’t be lining up—out the door, down the street, and around the block—to have an affair with you. You’re Bill Freaking Cosby.

Don’t want to have to deal with the emotional attachment of having an affair? Have a one-night stand. Heck, have ten! Have a hundred! If you’re former Los Angeles Laker NBA center Wilt Chamberlain (and if you believe “The Stilt”), he had 20,000 sexual encounters. You’re Bill Freaking Cosby.

It’s not as though, if you wanted to have a one-night stand, no one would have a one-night stand with you. No commitment, no attachment, no problem. You’re Bill Freaking Cosby.

Don’t get me wrong: it’s not as though I get forcible, violent rape any more than I get what Bill Cosby did. But if it really is true that the former crime is not about sex, but, rather, about power, then, as much as I think that it’s vile, that it’s reprehensible, that it’s inexcusable, on some level (albeit a sick, twisted level) it’s understandable: a violent rapist (at least on some level) feels powerless, so he exerts power by dominating, by humiliating, by victimizing, his victims.

What did you get, on the other hand, Bill Cosby, out of drugging your victims before assaulting them? Did drugging your victims make your crimes “okay” since you didn’t have to dominate, humiliate, or victimize (at least, not in the traditional sense and not, perhaps, according to you) your victims?

You want to drug someone before having sex with her, or before having your way with her? In a world in which the variety of sexual inclinations, along with the number of drugs and the variety of ways to abuse those drugs, seemingly, is limitless, you couldn’t find at least one woman who said, “Oh, you want to drug me before having your way with me? Okay. Sounds groovy to me! You’re Bill Freaking Cosby!”

Conceivably, you could even draw up a contract that says, “By her signature below, the party of the second part, [name], gives party of the first part, Dr. William H. Cosby, Jr., Ed.D., permission to administer [quantity] of [drug] to her, and to engage in [fill in activity or activities here] with her once she is incapacitated”? After all, you’re Dr. William H. Freaking Cosby, Jr., Ed.D.

Granted, a court would probably void the contract for public policy reasons, but who knows? You can’t (or you couldn’t, at least at one time) afford the most creative, most intelligent, most talented, most persuasive lawyer(s) money can buy? After all, you’re Bill Freaking Cosby!

I guess the rich, the talented, and the famous have needs and drives—like needs and drives to drug someone and then have your way with her—that, by virtue of the fact that they are rich, talented, and famous, the rest of us couldn’t possibly understand: “No, Ken! You don’t understand! I’m Bill Freaking Cosby!”

Nope. You’re absolutely right about that. I don’t understand.

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